Double Chin Lifting

Double Chin Correction

Sagging skin under the chin occurs as we age and our skin loses elasticity. For some of us it can be inherited. Unfortunately there’s much more than that. The question is how much does it bother you and which method suits you best? APTOS methods solve numbers of aesthetic problems, to achieve maximum efficiency at the lowest costs and avoid possible risks and negative consequences.

What are the results of APTOS thread lift?

·      elimination of double chin and formation of a clear oval;

·      increasing the angle between the chin and the neck;

      elimination of fine wrinkles;

·      improvement of skin tone and elasticity.

How do threads work?

Threads are created in such a way that the effect of the procedure is maximal and the result – long-lasting. APTOS has a series of threads with barbs which are ideal for the correction of submental area.

Unique barbs provide strong fixation excluding the risk of thread migration.

Aptos threads are composed of Poly-L-lactic acid and e-Caprolactone that stimulates new collagen growth, thereby enhancing rejuvenation and improving skin structure and tone.


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