The skin comprises of three layers the epidermis or the external layer, the dermis or the center layer and the hypodermis or the deepest later. Very few individuals understand that after 24 days, the external layer or epidermis of the skin is totally supplanted. This substitution can be further influenced by outside elements, for example, introduction to the sun, grinding and hydration.

Peeling skin is thusly a generally a makeshift issue and happens itself in a couple of days as the new epidermis surfaces. Now and again, however, there might be inordinate peeling on the face, fingers and different parts of the body. This can be for the most part credited to overexposure to the sun, where sunburn causes the skin to peel. Sunburn over warms the top layer of the skin making it dry and peel. This might bring about some inconvenience, yet is once in a while a reason for stress. In a couple cases, peeling skin could be the consequence of a contamination or a response to specific prescriptions. This is alluded to as Peeling Skin Syndrome and requires medicinal consideration and treatment as it could likewise connote the vicinity of another illness or confusion with the insusceptible framework.


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